Ep. #79 – Why Botswana Is The Richest Country in Africa

Despite its obscurity, Botswana is the richest country on the African continent. But how did this tiny landlocked country become so much wealthier than its neighbors? Here’s why Botswana is so much richer than the average African nation.

Ep. #75 – Why This Canadian Rail Road Goes Nowhere

The Bayside Canadian Railway is just 220 feet long and goes absolutely nowhere. But it’s one of the most important railroads for shipping goods across the US-Canadian border. Here’s why a 100-year-old law makes this railroad to nowhere so important.

Ep. #74 – Why The Gluten Free Market Is Soaring

The Gluten-Free market has grown roughly twice as fast as the Nasdaq over the last 15 years. But why is the Gluten-Free market growing so rapidly when only 7% of people have a gluten intolerance? Here’s why this tiny market has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Ep. #73 – Why Mongolia Has More Cargo Ships Than The US

Mongolia has a rapidly growing merchant fleet despite having no coastline of its own. And now, the Mongolian merchant marine is larger than the United States. But it wasn’t always this way. Here’s why the American shipping industry has gone from being one of the largest in the world to being smaller than Asia’s largest landlocked country.

Ep. #67 – Why Housing Is Sky High in 2022

In just two years, home prices in the US have surged by over 30%. The housing market has gotten so hot that most millennials believe they will never be able to afford a home. Here’s what is driving one of the largest housing bubbles in American history.