Ep. #68 – Why North Korea Is So Poor

North Korea is known to be one of the most oppressive and poor countries in the world. But the true scale of the difference between North Korea and South Korea is almost unimaginable. Here’s why South Korea is 64 times richer than its northern neighbor.

Ep. #67 – Why Housing Is Sky High in 2022

In just two years, home prices in the US have surged by over 30%. The housing market has gotten so hot that most millennials believe they will never be able to afford a home. Here’s what is driving one of the largest housing bubbles in American history.

Ep. #64 – Why The Yuan Dynasty Collapsed

Inflation has been around for a long time, but did you know it once destroyed one of the most powerful Chinese dynasties in history? Here’s why inflation brought down the Mongol Yuan Dynasty.

Ep. #63 – Why The Roman Republic Collapsed

For nearly 500 years, the Roman Republic stood as a beacon of light in a world ruled by tyrants and absolute kings. Yet, in the span of a single generation, the Republic collapsed and gave way to the Roman Empire. Here’s why it happened and how the fall of the Roman Republic serves as a warning for us today.