Why The US Dollar Will Inevitably Collapse

The US Dollar is doomed to collapse unless Congress quickly gets its act together to avert the coming sovereign debt crisis.
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Ep. #76 – Why The Fed Is Hiding The Real Inflation Rate

The Federal Reserve just announced that the latest inflation rate is 9.1%. But the real inflation rate is actually nearly double what is being reported in the press. Here’s why the Federal government is hiding what the real inflation rate is.

Ep. #68 – Why North Korea Is So Poor

North Korea is known to be one of the most oppressive and poor countries in the world. But the true scale of the difference between North Korea and South Korea is almost unimaginable. Here’s why South Korea is 64 times richer than its northern neighbor.

Ep. #67 – Why Housing Is Sky High in 2022

In just two years, home prices in the US have surged by over 30%. The housing market has gotten so hot that most millennials believe they will never be able to afford a home. Here’s what is driving one of the largest housing bubbles in American history.